Friday, November 25, 2011

Pokemon Funniness

I was feeling nostalgic after my high school alumni party, so I checked out some of my old favorites from Youtube.  Sure enough, I found my way back to this particularly awesome fan movie for Pokémon:

I later stumbled across something that makes this outcome seem not only possible, but likely:

To be perfectly honest, I haven't played any version of Pokémon past Silver for the Gameboy Color.  I'm one of those guys that will say, "Back in my day, we had 150 pokémon, and we liked it!"  Also, I think the people who come up with new pokemon are running out of ideas.  I think they're just looking around their office and basing things off that.

"Konami Memo: Tuesdays are trash pick-up"

We're bringing ice cream for Jerry's retirement party:

Some stupid kids with mohawks and baggy pants were smoking in the parking lot:

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