Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why guys don't like romantic comedies

I think that I can speak on behalf of most men when I say: We don’t like romantic comedies.  While there are exceptions, both in terms of men who like romantic comedies and romantic comedies that men like (Annie Hall is the first to come to mind), it’s pretty much a universal truth.  But why don’t we like romantic comedies, people will ask.  There are two main, connected reasons.
            The first is that they are almost always formulaic to the extent where we can predict every plot point by the two minute mark.  And so can the women who like romantic comedies.  Which leads to my second point.  Women don’t watch romantic comedies for those plot points, they watch for what happens between.  While we may find the characters discussing relationships and trying on clothes boring, that’s the appeal for the women who like it.  But let’s try turning the tables.
            Guys, do you like action movies?  Do you have a good idea of what the plot is going to entail?  Just like romantic comedy fans enjoy watching the banter between characters that takes them from point A to B, we like watching the characters get there through car chases and fistfights (preferably at the same time).
            The fact is, in romantic comedies, we just don’t find the characters or situations interesting enough to pay attention to as the formula progresses.  To any producers out there, if you want to make a rom-com that guys will like, make it comedy with romance (like Annie Hall, 500 Days of Summer, or Crazy Stupid Love).  Or just throw in some car chases and explosions.  Either one should do it.

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