Saturday, December 31, 2011

Germany, Japan, and Italy: A study in music videos, linguistics, and insanity

Some nations do things better than others.  The Swiss make the best watches and army knives, the Belgians make the best chocolate, the Japanese make the best robotics, and the Colombians grow the best coffee.  But when it comes to culture things get weird.  Take Germany for instance.  While they have their own celebrities, one of ours is more popular there than here.  His name is David Hasselhoff and in Germany he's a famous singer.  Here's an official music video that makes full use of mid-90's shopping mall technology and the "Mad-Lib" style story-boarding:

This is, in a word, batshit insane.

But for true, mind-numbing insanity, we have to go to Japan.  It is with great reluctance that I subject you to: Pon Pon -

That video somehow managed to hit a point of diminishing returns on craziness.  

And this final video isn't crazy in the traditional sense.  It asks the question, "What does English sound like to someone who doesn't speak English?"  The answer is apparently quite catchy.  Here's Prisencolinensinainciusol.

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